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About the A&Z Produce Company
In the high-tech world of the 21st century, A&Z Produce Company, a family operation that relies primarily on verbal agreements rather than signed contracts, stands out as an anomaly - a monument, perhaps, to the old-fashioned values the business was built upon.

One of Salt Lake City's oldest wholesale produce suppliers, A&Z opened its doors for business more than 70 years ago. However, the company truly began growing when Cliff Clark became a partner after World War II. The driving force behind the company during the last half-century, Cliff brought an impressive work ethic with him.

A&Z Management
Scott Clark, Steve Clark, Jay Dee Clark,
Ryan Clark, Jeff Clark,
and Clifton Clark

One of 13 children in a family raised during the Depression, Cliff got his first job at age 5 harvesting pickling onions. He's been working nonstop ever since. By the age of 12, he was driving a truck for a local farmer, delivering produce to market. Even then, his career path in produce seemed clearly marked.
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Clifton Clark

Extremely resourceful and incredibly creative, Cliff spent the years after high school graduation making a variety of runs to neighboring states for loads of whatever produce he could find. He built a network of contacts along the way and always found willing buyers when he returned.

After almost four years in the Army during WWII, Cliff returned to A&Z. His reputation still alive with suppliers and customers alike, Cliff established A&Z as one of the largest wholesale produce suppliers in Utah.

A&Z relies on suppliers from all over the world, but it works primarily with contacts in California, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, and Mexico. Trucks roll into the downtown Salt Lake A&Z warehouse daily carrying tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. A vast majority of the loads are arranged for over the phone with no written deals.
For decades the company has earned the highest ratings for integrity and credit, and its suppliers see no need for signed contracts. Rather, a phone call alerts A&Z that a load - anything from bananas or strawberries to corn on the cob or zucchini - is ready, and A&Z sends out a truck. a&z produce
Steve Clark, Scott Clark, Jay Dee Clark,
and Clifton Clark

The company conducts business with its customers the same way. A phone call made to evaluate what produce is needed, a promise made to deliver the items and then the promise kept. That's A&Z Produce's simple, unchanging business strategy. After all, as Cliff reminds his employees, it's a lot easier to keep your current customers than it is to find new ones.

The food safety practices and the training we provide to our associates are superior in our industry. We believe that our customers deserve to have the highest level of trust in our products. A&Z is perpetually improving our facility and practices to safeguard the high quality products our customers deserve. A&Z is proud to purchase products from growers and suppliers with similar commitments to food safety.
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A&Z Produce Company,
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